Allen the Chalk-Line Ghost > Ghost Army

In addition to previous iterations of Allen the Chalk-Line Ghost, 2020 saw the emergence of Allen as a figure of public mourning as the Ghost Army. Through stickers, life-sized painted wood cut-outs and window signs, the Chalk-Line Ghost multiplied and has been readily reconfigured as a symbol of the mostly needless 600,000 American deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a memorial to those lives lost and unmourned by others in general.

Devised as a visual prompt, this new series is intended to call for a period of national mourning of those lost, who have still so far gone largely unmourned, unrecognized -- anonymous souls lost to the malevolence of a homicidally negligent right-wing politics and the more than 70 million members of the U.S. voting public who supported them.

Anyone can download the sticker template here, formatted for Avery 5163 mailing label sheets, with 10 2" x 4" stickers per page.

If you would like larger, 36" poster sheets, please email me via this website's contact info page with your name, address, and window dimensions, and I will mail out a Ghost Army poster for window display.