Movement Matters

A monthly column at Art Intercepts, seasonal symposia series and periodic performance initiative, Movement Matters investigates work at the intersection of dance, performance, politics, policy and issues related to the body.

Movement Matters columns are also keyword indexed as a sociological research exchange, which inform Workman's generation of themes, tropes and recurring topical subjects for his interactionist texts in an attempt to provoke public participants into questioning their own private norms and values. For samples of this body of work, visit the Dances & Performances section of this site, and specifically the sub-section on Social Interaction.

All of the above are documented in videography for the Movement Matters doc series and short feature on the topic of dance, performance art, writing, visual art and other relevant subjects, for eventual release of the doc series on Open TV.

Produced by Bridge. Continuous updates, including new video clips, are released through the Movement Matters Facebook page.