Video Documentation > Range Mobile Lab, Docking Sequence

A montage of documentation of Range Mobile Lab, a project by artist Mat Rappaport. RML was stationed outside the MCA for the duration of Perfect Worlds / Propositional Attitudes, capturing video from the cameras mounted on the trucks' four corners, which was then remixed with archival footage live by Rappaport inside the vehicle. Remixes are then projected on the vehicle's windows, creating a live feedback loop of people on the surrounding pedestrian walkways and of the architecture of the museum itself.

Afterward, it traveled the distance between the Museum of Contemporary Art and SITE/less, where the weekend program began. Stationed outside the MCA during Propositional Attitudes / Perfect Worlds, Rappaport performed a "Docking Sequence," providing the conceptual and physical thread connecting the two institutions.

Range Mobile Lab (Docking Sequence)