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In the course of demographic research for Assembly Zones, I have begun setting up "listening stations" to record first-hand stories about crisis resource needs both during the covid-19 pandemic and beyond, in neighborhoods across the city.

These listening stations provide in-depth, targeted demographic research, and provide our first efforts to assemble sufficient data to target specific community needs. We understand these needs will vary throughout the city, and so we are seeking to assemble data support partnerships that provide us the greatest degree of prioritized resource access possible, based on direct community feedback.

In this section are stored recordings from our listening station efforts, including our first outing in November 2020 at Perez Plaza in the Little Village neighborhood. Here, we employed core project team member and long-time collaborator, artist Mat Rappaport's Range Mobile Lab as the structure of the listening station, and were able to run all the necessary gear off of the vehicle's adapted power supply. Future station could host workshops, micro-exhibitions, projections or other programming.