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Landing Projects: Maura Walsh

Landing Projects proudly presents new work by Maura Walsh, Aug. 11-Sept. 7, 2019. Opening Reception Sunday, Aug. 11 noon to 4pm. Additional hours by appointment.

Maura Walsh is a Chicago-based artist whose work revolves around concepts of the childhood experience, of abuse, paradox, and tenderness. She works in a variety of media from painting and drawing, to installation, video, and fiber materials. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago in 2011.

Artist Statement
Working at the intersection of childhood and now, collecting remnants of memory and trauma, stitching them together and ripping them apart. Sometimes wishing. Dissecting the assumed connection between mother and child, digging into the anxiety of dependency and of existence, tearing away equally beautiful and disgusting pieces of the picture.
Exploring concepts within paradox and disjointed narrative. Considering the psychological leftovers of childhood. Wondering and worrying about what comes next.

Sidewalks, hospital nightmares, making forts, placental detachment, the desire to be held, gushing blood, dreams about flying, narcissism, family histories, falling down, depression naps, Mother’s Day, broken windows, isolation, and bedtime stories are some of the things on my mind.

I am trying to find a way to articulate this heartache.

About Landing Projects
Landing Projects is a domestic art space located in the Irving Park neighborhood of Chicago, beneath the storage racks of Workman's enclosed back apartment entry landing. Initially, Workman thought to convert a spacious storage closet in the rear of the space into a project space, but this instead became the Bookcase Motel. As a curatorial intrigue, the idea of showcasing work outside the commercial mainstream, work that would be seen as too obscene or macabre, would work well in the context of a closet space. Similarly, the back landing, with its garage-like quality, provides a perfect project space environment for experimentation, trial and error. Moreover, unconstrained by the self-censorship of commercially-motivated spaces, Landing Projects will seek to expand the boundaries of current art practices.