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Displaced Persons was presented as part of the Mess House, organized by Chicago dance collective The Coincidentals.

Mess House was a free monthly event part house party, part performance, part gallery that brings art into people's homes. By hosting performances in the comfortable space of someone’s home, Mess House gave permission to the audience to mingle, engage, and free themselves from the confines of a traditional theater. For artists, these events are an opportunity to explore new and site-specific works. The event combines the familiar structure of a house party with the presentation of new works of art in order to build a fun and safe space for connection between those that make art and those who enjoy witnessing it.

For the April 22, 2017 event, artists included:

Owais Ahmed
Noelle Awadallah
Jenny Chukwu
Alana Deitch
Corey Smith
Sam Herschel Wein
Michael Workman and David Perales Albert

This is a nomadic event that took place at different apartments each month. This edition took place at the second floor apartment at 1318 N. Kedzie Ave., in Chicago. For more information, please visit the original Facebook event page.

Video documentation includes interviews, performance clips by other prtesenting artists, and documentation of the performance by David Perales Albert.

About The Coincidentals
The Coincidentals is a dance collective founded in early 2014 by Natalia Alarcón, Jamie Corliss, and Lydia Feuerhelm as a means to cultivate their artistry, present their original choreography, and engage with other emerging local artists. They strive to invigorate the Chicago dance community by presenting their unique approaches and styles of movement and by collaborating with numerous local performers in an effort to generate more accessibility for dancers, choreographers, and audiences. The Coincidentals is an ongoing project with plans to expand as the collaborators continue seeking greater accessibility for movement art.