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Notre Dame Review's special The &NOW Festival of Innovative Writing edition. My first academic publication. I've got a decent four pages for two of my favorite choreographic scores going back a good four to five years since I started writing these. Both "Intimate Conversation" and "Broke Moves" are written choreographies that may be performed by anyone, anywhere. At the online version of the Review ( are work sample videos that document previous performances, the former with videography by Justin Williams, and interpreted by Nicole Lane. "Broke Moves" videography is by Tuli Bera, photographic documentation by Sarah Stearn and with a performance led by audience members at Links Hall as a part of the J e l l o Performance Series. Readers / viewers are invited to pick up a copy at the link or check them out at the online edition, re-perform these scores and tag me (on facebook and instagram: michaelworkman1) in any social media postings.

Thanks especially to editor Steve Tomasula for all his heavy lifting to bring this issue together, and the annual gathering of the tribe it represents!

Notre Dame Review Cover
Notre Dame Review Cover