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The first in a 3-volume series, Perfect Worlds: Artistic Forms & Social Imaginaries, published by StepSister Press, Chicago, is a philosophical study of equality as binding principle by art-makers across disciplines, and how they view their work situated across unrestricted spectrums of social and ideological value. As source material for the tropes and themes of Workman's interactionist and instructional choreographic work, they are intended as a recovery of under-represented discourses, scholarly research volumes, and critic's "selected works." It also aspires to trace the contours of what more life-like art may be present — or imagined — in today's shifting social imaginaries. Visual object design: Lauren Dacy.

Premiered Oct. 23, 2018 as part of the programming for the joint event Perfect Worlds / Propositional Attitudes at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, and Propositional Worlds at SITE/less Chicago.

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Perfect Worlds, V. 1
Perfect Worlds, V. 1