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Momus: White Trash (The Rice Experiment) / Bridge Art Fair Berlin

Interview with Nick Currie aka Momus at the occasion of his performance “White Trash (The Rice Experiment), 2008 at Bridge Art Fair Berlin 2008. Momus was born in 1960 in Paisley, Scotland. He is musician, writer, journalist, blogger and performance artist. Since 2003 Momus lives and works in Berlin.

At Bridge, he performs as a rice shaman together with his nephew Robbie. On Sunday, November 2, 2008 at 5 pm there will be a Q&A session and Sake Toast in which he will announce whether praising and blaming the two pots of rice has had any effect on the food’s condition.

Update: According to Momus, “the Rice Experiment ended with faint but distinct signs of decay in the cursed rice; yellowing, hardening, a slightly bitter smell. The praised rice was in much better condition.”

Video courtesy Vernissage TV.