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Produced in association with the Chicago Loop Alliance. Time Trial 1 Chicago took place September 19-23, 2012, and included an exhibition at the Hairpin Arts Center, with special screenings; video projections and monitors were placed throughout the Chicago loop in open storefronts utilized as temporary exhibition space.

Time Trial 1 is the first in a series of trial video art test projections onto architectural landmarks and screenings of work that blurs the line between video art and cinema. Projections will be available for viewing 24 hours throughout the Chicago loop, concurrent with EXPO Chicago, The International Art Exhibition on Navy Pier, September 19-23, 2012.

Time Trial 1 projection locations will feature work by Theodore Darst, Sarah Weis, Chris Collins, Andrew Rosinski, Emilie Gervais, Lauren Elder, Amalia Ullman, Eric Fleischauer and Joon Soo Ha.

The Time Trial 1 Reception will also present three one-night only presentation of video art and new media work by Sarah Weis, Chris Collins, Arturo Cubacub and Paweł Wojtasik.

Programmed in part with Video Data Bank and the Art Institute of Chicago, with generous support provided by the Chicago Loop Alliance/Art Loop Open and Art on Track. Sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Paper Moon Pastry.