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A series exploring the figure and concept of Moloch as mythological creature requiring the sacrifice of its follower's young children and of the imagined figure of Hurm the Worm, conceived and named by the artist's son, Tristan Workman, as a sympathetic figure of demonic powers that may also include the eating of young children. Sometimes used interchangeably. Partly inspired by Francis Bacon's 1944 triptych, Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion," with the figure sometimes reduced to tropes represented as a mouth, at times with text, or expanded into tableaux such as a hellmouth.

Pencil, Sakura inks, watercolors on Arches
Fire Elemental Conjoining the Forces of Light & Dark
Pencil, variety of Sakura and brushed inks, Copic opaque white pigment and watercolors
I Will Serve No Master
Pencil, Variety of Sakura Inks, watercolors, 2018.
Moloch Voices Their Hunger
Watercolors, pen and ink