Active Investigations > Jackson & Homan Plaza Chicago Dept. of Transportation Commission

Video documentation of the series of 3 monthly dance and choreographic investigations commissioned by Activate! and the Chicago Department of Transportation. Taking place the last Friday of the month in August, September and October 2018, the performances each lasted 1 hour and involved an interaction with the environment of the Jackson and Homan plaza. Using evidentiary markup tape and movement studies of the plaza's design geometrics, as well as the interaction of the public and government custodianship of the space, a number of markups remained over time yielding a graffiti-like movement vocabulary capable of persisting at the location. Movement responses to the remaining markups, combined with earlier movement studies, yielded a dance produced by the artist in collaboration, perhaps unwittingly, with these various other stakeholders. The dance notational markups remain in place today for whomever may like to reproduce the dance, until weather inevitably fades or displaces them.

Active Investigations: Dance Transits
performance, place interaction, movement studies, writing